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Nitro's Cold Brew

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee 100ml Shortfill 0mg (70VG/30PG)

Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee 100ml Shortfill 0mg (70VG/30PG)

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Bringing their signature chilly touch to brewing their e-liquids, this range of 100ml Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee Shortfills will give what vapers need to boost their spirits during a trying day. Each Coffee flavour offers their own unique blend to create lasting, irresistible flavours that you and you taste buds will almost believe tastes as good as actual cold brewed coffee.

As a range of high in VG e-liquids, these Nitro's Cold Brew Coffee shortfills are perfect for Sub-Ohm vaping devices and kits to use with. With any of these, you will be able to best experience the flavour of your choice with thick vapour clouds full of said strong flavour whilst making it smooth for your throat as you'll receive less hits to it as you vaping. There is enough space for 2 nicotine shots for ex-smokers looking to get their nicotine cravings fulfilled that recrates that feeling found when smoking tobacco cigarettes.

- Made In The USA

- 0mg Nicotine Strength

- 1000ml E-liquid Content in a 120ml Shortfill Bottle

- Space for 1 x 10ml Nicotine Shot

- 70VG/30PG

- Childproof & Tamper Evident Cap

- Suitable For Sub Ohm Vaping & Pods

- Recyclable Bottle & Box

- TPD Compliant

Coffee & Ice Cream (70VG/30PG)
Part drink, part dessert and all delicious to enjoy with it's dark roasted coffee blended with vanilla bean ice cream for a rich, sweet filled blend.

Coffee Frappe (70VG/30PG)
A heartwarming blend of sugary cookies with ice cold coffee to create a delicious flavour that you'll immedaitely take to.

White Chocolate Mocha (69VG/31PG)
Chilled coffee with white chocolate and a bit of milk for a beautiful tasting mix that you'll relish.

Vanilla Beam (70VG/30PG)
Sweet coffee, some milk and a vanilla bean extract crushed together to bring you an authentic tasting cold brew that's the perfect delight for cold coffee lovers.

Macchiato (71VG/29PG)
Bringing you rich espresso, milk and sweet caramel, this authentic tasting blend will make for the prefect beverage style e-liquid for all cold coffee lovers.

Almond Cappuccino (70VG/30PG)
Sweet almond infused cappuccino that will leave anyone who experiences it totally supercharged for the day ahead.
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