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Pause CBD

12 x Pause CBD 15mg Full Spectrum CBD Sparkling Spring Water 250ml

12 x Pause CBD 15mg Full Spectrum CBD Sparkling Spring Water 250ml

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Novel Food application number: RPN/A

Clean, pure, simple, organic spring water from the Somerset Hills, infused with whole hemp plant CBD. Pause CBD have created a drink free of any additives, preservatives and colourings. By using the very best and most effective CBD in their drinks, Pause CBD are proud to tell the world about their 15mg CBD Sparkling Spring Water. Unlike most other brands, which use the cheaper, less effective CBD isolate, Pause CBD's own products contain Full Spectrum CBD.

A full spectrum extract like the CBD used in Pause CBD has been proven to have better 'cannabinoid diversity' than a CBD isolate. This is because it is a more holistic form of CBD supplementation which contains many different cannabinoids and terpenes. Together, these leverage the 'entourage effect' with the body's own endocannabinoid system (which all mammals have: it's there to regulate 'wellness' - from sleep, mental state and essentially anything to do with general wellness). This ensures that the plant's natural compounds work together to deliver maximum benefits as opposed to any of them in isolation.

Most other brands use added flavourings and ingredients and as a result, their products have calories. Whereas this Pause CBD 15mg Full Spectrum CBD Sparkling Spring Water contains zero sugar, 0 calories and is certified vegan!

  • 15mg Full Spectrum CBD
  • 250ml Can
  • Pack Of 12
  • Spring Water Infused With Cold Pressed Hemp Extract
  • Delivers The "Entourage Effect"
  • Zero Sugar & Calories
  • Free Of Additives, Preservatives & Colourings
  • Vegan Certified
THC content<0.2%
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