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Green Apron

Green Apron Terpene Infused Wax Melts 80g

Green Apron Terpene Infused Wax Melts 80g

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Lemon Haze
A Relaxing and potent sweet citrus smell hits first with a recognisable warm aroma of the sativa haze to follow. Green Aprons Not-TOO-Sweet Lemon Haze aroma keeps the room fresh and relaxing throughout the entire burn. To get the best crisp and sharp lemon fragrances from the extracted lemon scents they suggest using 1-2 cubes per burner to give you up to 8-12 hours of beautifully scented refreshing lemon haze.
With lemon fragrances often disappointing this one stands out above the rest, a strong lasting smell fills the room when burned, The brightness of their Lemon Haze will help you kick back and relax.

Cali Orange
A Beautifully clean aroma that resembles freshly squeezed orange juice, Mouthwatering warm at first hit then closely followed by the fresh citrus from the recognisable cali orange hybrid aroma. To get the best Tangy and Citrusy notes to last through the entire burn Green Apron suggest using 1-2 cubes per burner to give you up to 8-12 hours of aroma. Orange is always a favourite fruit amongst most people and these melts definitely do not disappoint - giving you the favoured orange citrus fragrance throughout the burn it is one of their personal favourites. The warmth of the orange fragrance reminds people of many of their favourite memories often being related to the holidays, use this wax melt to chill out and warm up
your room's aroma while taking the opportunity to relax.

As many people’s favourite fruit, Green Aprons strawberry scent is true-to-smell and stays that way throughout the entire burn.
Offering you a sweet and juicy strawberry smell with its own naturally creamy undertone. The fragrance of ripe fruity strawberries makes you feel like it's summer every day in your own home. Beautifully bright and sweet the strawberry aroma will
take over any room. To get the best creamy strawberry notes to last through the entire burn we suggest using 1-2 cubes per burner to give you up to 8-12 hours of aroma.
With strawberry being a favourite amongst most they wanted to withhold the natural smell of the fruit, keeping it true and fresh it is refreshing to smell each time you walk into the room. Often reminding people of childhood deserts you can use this wax melt to sweetly fill a room and make it a calming environment for yourself and those around you.

A sweet and mouth watering fragrance of blueberries freshly picked followed by the earthy citrusy smell of Kush.
Sit back in your chair and take in the aroma of freshly squeezed blueberries, like your favourite desserts and fruits with the naturally creamy aroma of blueberries making any room smell like freshly baked blueberry muffins these wax melts will make you feel relaxed and calm no matter where you are.
To get the best naturally fresh blueberry notes to last through the entire burn Green Apron suggest using 1-2 cubes per burner to give you up to 8-12 hours of aroma. Blueberries are usually related to freshly baked desserts and these wax melts do not disappoint, perfectly used to make your room smell sweet and fragrant for anyone who is around you.

Gorilla Glue
Grapefruit is known for it’s leafy or woody smell that can easily fill a room with a warm feeling, the undertones of the sugarcane brighten up the scent with sweetness helping anyone enjoy the fragrance that is active within the wax burner.

A warm comforting chocolate fudge cake aroma, the deep chocolatey smell fills the room while helping you relax and enjoy the depth of the scent, hints of vanilla and caramel run through in the background.

Purple Haze
The dominant blackberry scent warms the room with its own sweet fragrance followed by a mixed fruit undertone bringing a recognisable popular scent.
The blackberries help you relax and enjoy the scent while the fruit undertones sweeten it nicely with a not too overpowering scent.

Girl Scout Cookies
The ever recognised aroma of Girl Scout Cookies is a sweet slightly minty candy-like fragrance known to relax everyone in the room, an almost sandalwood smell followed by the warm oven-baked smell that it is known for.
The award winning sativa is known all round within the industry and has proven itself time and time again and this is why we chose to include this smell in our wax melts range, always proving popular and easily recognised the warm smell will fill your room keeping you relaxed and calm throughout the burn.

Royal Highness
From rose to a sweet lavender the Royal highness is one of our favourite fragrances - with a undertone of many of everyone's favourite flowers and a strong rose with baby powder scent it is one for any room of the home to make it feel relaxing, and help anyone take a second to enjoy the scent and breathe.

Ingredients: Organic Soy Wax, Fragrance Essential Oils & Cannabis Terpenes

THC content<0.2%

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